About This Employer

Tubman Center for Health and Freedom

PO Box 18612
Seattle WA 98118
United States
The Tubman Center for Health and Freedom is a community organization committed to the principles of healing and people’s liberation from systems that make us unwell. We work to advance health justice, culturally appropriate care and integrative medicine. We are designing an innovative community health clinic that specializes in meeting the needs of marginalized communities in Seattle’s Puget Sound region.

We are named after the heroine Harriet Tubman, who concentrated on both freeing people from systems of oppression that threatened their health as well as providing clinical care for patients as a Nurse in the Union army. We follow this same methodology of addressing health and wellness from both systemic and clinical approaches.

The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom is currently slated to open its doors as a community health center in 2025, offering comprehensive Integrative Family Medicine and community programs. Tubman Health is a multifaceted health care system designed specifically to meet the health needs of communities of color and other marginalized groups.

We are currently in our design, documentation, and evaluation phase. It is important to us that we spend time doing this work so we do not simply replicate the existing models we know do not serve our communities adequately. Tubman Health’s design process over the next three years includes events such as Community Visioning, Design Labs, and Simulations. Community members will come together to examine the built environment, soft arrangements such as systems and protocols, accessibility, navigation, affordability, policy, and measures of quality. The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom will utilize this data in the development of a transformative community health clinic designed for those who have experienced the greatest barriers to health.