Pharmacy Technician

Seattle Indian Health Board
611 12th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144
United States

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Accepts NHA Certifications
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Job Description
The Seattle Indian Health Board (SIHB) is a community health center that provides health and human services to its patients, while specializing in the care of Native people. We are recognized as a leader in the promotion of health improvement for urban American Indians and Alaska Natives, locally and nationally.
SIHB is currently hiring a Pharmacy Technician. The Pharmacy Tech is a crucial member of the pharmacy team and is responsible for assisting SIHB patients (who we refer to as relatives) in obtaining pharmacy services and providing information about our pharmacy services. Technicians performs tasks in the pharmacy following workflow procedures under the supervision of a pharmacist. Technicians are to acquire and maintain the knowledge and skills needed to perform their assigned duties and to ensure they follow laws and regulations pertinent to the practice of pharmacy. Technicians are to be the experts on the team in the areas of prescription processing, point of sale insurance billing and patient discount eligibility. Technicians are responsible for cashiering and maintaining a cash fund. This position reports directly to the Pharmacy Director and has no direct reports.

The SIHB Core Competencies are foundational commitments and skills that all SIHB staff are expected to develop. These competencies define common measures for performance that are applied to every role in the organization.

  • Commitment to Indigenous and Organizational Values: Everything we do at SIHB is centered on Traditional Indian Medicine. It is our responsibility to maintain cultural integrity in all that we do.
  • Accountability: All employees of SIHB effectively manage their own work and the work of their teams. We take ownership of our actions and decisions. We all strive to deliver the highest quality work and care, while respecting our teammates and relatives.
  • Collaboration: SIHB is a team-oriented organization. As team members, we share the responsibility of working toward a common purpose. We collaborate with our colleagues across the organization to deliver the highest quality of care and results in alignment with our mission, vision, values and Theory of Change.
  • Communication: We practice effective and clear communication with staff, relatives, teams and community. We demonstrate empathy among each other and with those we serve, and transparency in our decision making.
  • Customer Service Orientation: All employees of SIHB recognize the needs of the diverse community we serve. We put the needs of our relatives first by delivering the highest quality, professional, responsive, and innovative care. Our relatives come first and deserve the best.

Required Qualifications:

-Excellent communication and customer service skills.
-High School Diploma or GED
-Licensed by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician
-Familiarity of health and social issues facing American Indians/Alaska Natives and a desire to promote the delivery of appropriate health care services to this population.
Work Environment: Office hours are 8:30-5:30, Monday through Friday with occasional extra hours for events.
Job Requirements
-Assist patients at pick up and drop off counters.
-Appropriately request a pharmacist for counseling on all new prescriptions and for patient questions that legally or otherwise require a pharmacist.
-Answer phone calls from patients and clinic staff refer to a pharmacist as appropriate.
-Maintain knowledge of and follow the laws and regulations including but not limited to those from the DEA, Washington State Board of Pharmacy, AAAHC, Medicare, DSHS, and HRSAs 340b program.
-Process online claims by correctly identifying and entering patientsā€™ insurance information.
-Follow workflow procedures and directions from pharmacy supervisor or the pharmacist on duty. Participates in continuous QI process.
-Interpret and enter prescriptions into the pharmacy management system.
-Enter required information for each prescription processed including the date written, the drug expiry date, and the correct NDC.
-Check in orders, stock shelves, rotate product, remove outdates, and file invoices in a timely manner.
-Assist in Quality Assurance process by identifying errors, documenting errors, and complying with changes made in workflow during this process.
-Identify, remove, and return prescriptions to stock at the designated time.
-Maintain a clean workspace, assist in keeping pharmacy clean, and shred patient information.
-Verify and enter patient discounts in the pharmacy system.
-Maintain a cash register, collect funds appropriately, perform end of day tasks.
Seattle Indian Health Board
Cesar Seguil
611 12th Ave S
Seattle WA 98144
United States