Certified Medical Assistants

Absolute Staffers LLC
3000 I St, Fort Worth
Fort Worth, TX 76127
United States

Experience Required
Accepts NHA Certifications
From $18 To $21.20
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description
Job description


Absolute Staffers is seeking qualified Medical Assistants for an opportunity in Fort Worth, TX. These Medical Assistants will primarily assist in medication administration, stocking of medication and supplies, glucose monitoring, electronic and paper medical record documentation, assisting with patient education, and general clerical duties at the Federal Medical Center.

Qualifications of Medical Assistant:

  • Graduate of an accredited Medical Office Assistant or Medical Nursing Assistant program.
  • Must have a valid certification
  • At least 1 year of experience.
  • Current BLS certification.

Work Details for Medical Assistant:

  • Location: Fort Worth, TX
  • Status: Contract
  • Schedule: Rotating Schedule(meaning, days off changes Month to Month)
  • Shift: Monday through Sunday (5:30 am-2:00 pm or11 am to 7.30 pm)

Key Duties of Medical Assistant:

  • Taking and recording patient history, vital signs, scheduling, appointments, working with health care providers, venipuncture, lab draws, operation of special, medical apparatus, and data entry.
  • Medications are typically given orally, but other routes may include sublingual, buccal, eye, ear, nasal, topical, and through metered dose inhalers.
  • Administer medications to the inmate population in a manner consistent with nationally recognized safe medical practices, to include accurate identification of the patient, medication, dosage, time, and route. Other safety practices as determined by policy and procedure will be followed.
  • Use medication administration records to document all medications medication administered.
  • Assist in maintaining accurate medication administration records (MARs) and proper documentation in the electronic medical records.
  • Reports and records adverse medication reactions. Seeks immediate medical assistance for inmates with severe adverse medication reactions.
  • Provides complete documentation of medication refusals and incidents. Communicates medication refusal and incidents to a primary care provider or Clinical Director as appropriate.
  • Reports errors in administration using the appropriate format (occurrence screens).
  • Assist pharmacist or other appropriate staff members in a variety of pharmacy-related activities included but not limited to: storage and inventory of pharmacy supplies.
  • Completes medication inventory. Maintains accurate inventory of all needles, syringes, and controlled substances.
  • Other Medical Assistant duties as assigned.

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