Certified Medical Assistant

Legacy Brain and Spine, LLC
718 Cherokee Street NE
Marietta, GA 30060
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Accepts NHA Certifications
Security Clearance Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description
Provide clinical support and assistance to both providers and patients to manage patient clinic flow in an efficient and positive manner.
Job Requirements
Responsibilities and Duties:
• Once the patient has been marked checked in, take the patient back to an available exam room
• Triage the visit and record all patient vital signs
• Request records on patients (if applicable)
• Access imaging for provider review
• At the end of the visit, work with the assigned provider to ensure all referrals, orders, and prescriptions are accurate and entered into both the chart and/or on the patient’s passport
• Call in prescriptions or dispense medications to Lien and Workman’s Comp patients as prescribed
• Perform medication prior authorizations as ordered through Cover My Meds • Perform brain scope testing as ordered
• Scan in patient Review of Systems & PHQ-9 forms
• Add imaging reports into the patient’s chart
• Check emails and voicemails from patients, and reply within 24 hours • Review, take action, and address all faxes assigned in the fax inbox

• Review all open orders and referrals in the assigned inbox to ensure results have been added prior to marking addressed
• Scan in and file away all dispensed medication invoices
• Tracking all sample medications to ensure adequate stock levels
• Clean and sanitize all patient rooms and equipment
• Available MA - P2P Referral Management (R incoming jelly bean). Click on each incoming P2P referral. Contact the patient to schedule the appointment. Then create the referral and address it. If the patient has been contacted once daily for 3 days (3 attempts total), then note the referral and mark it as addressed.
*MA duties and tasks may vary slightly due to physician preference*