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Alternative Healthcare LA   Robert L  Jamison, CRA, PhD
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Alternative Healthcare LA Behavioral Health Director Robert L. Jamison, CRA, PhD a Dedicated Healthcare Professional with 20 year background as a former Fellowship trained Physician Assistant in General, Cardiovascular, Neurology & Plastic surgery. For the past eight years he's been working as a Behavioral Health Consultant along side Dr. Steve Lower Ph.D. a board certified Psychologist and Staff at Psychology Associate. Dr. Jamison oversees our Behavioral Health Assessments (BHA) Program

One of the main concerns at Alternative Healthcare is the mental health of our clients in Los Angeles. If you have been hurt at work, or if you have developed a condition or disease that affects your daily life, there are disability-related resources that may help you. Many of these require a disability evaluation by an accredited Physician. The anxiety, fear, frustration, and trauma that one encounter is horrific. Yet little has been done to help them confront the challenges they face, leaving them vulnerable and in need of help is not an option. Most workers are mentally and emotionally drained and the consequence are severe. Historically, there has been more of a reactive response to these issues instead of proactive. Our Medical Network Providers in Los Angeles can provide you with the medical examination as well as pairing you with other medical professionals, as necessary.

In 2012, Robert L. Jamison, Ph.D. A 32 years healthcare professional created a company called Alternative Healthcare LA. A Behavioral Health Clinic in association with Psychology Associate, PA. It was established to assist practices in remote locations with their medical and psychiatric needs. One of their available tools is a Behavioral Health Assessment (BHA). This assessment helps identify: Trauma (PTSD), Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Substance Abuse, and Bipolar disorder and tracks the individuals progress over time. The test is secure, HIPAA compliant, and takes about ten minutes to complete. The results are provided to the individual and the appropriate management team for evaluation to take the next steps to get you the professional assistance they require. The unique aspect of this BHA program is we will provide you with your own personal report including a Patient Care Plan at the time your findings are determined. The only thing you need to get started is a one-time $55 Administrative fee to identify that there is a problem.