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Job Description

  1. Introduction

RetireThePandemic would like to request proposals for service contracts for “out-of-work prescribers” or those transitioning from the conventional medical system and wish to build an autonomous practice of their own in the field of Telemedicine. The purpose of this contract is to make available to everyone consultations regarding prevention and home treatment of COVID, influenza or any other respiratory and blood borne virus. This Request for Proposal will contain the required qualifications, services that will be rendered, submission of proposals, terms of compensation and contract provisions.

Following Dr. Tom Yarema seasoned and successful medical practice all throughout the world, and for the past 12 years in California, Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine has developed a digital (virtual) patient care system. As such, we provide everything from Marketing, Sales, Support in a perfect symbiotic relationship, online.

  1. Proposal Instructions and Qualifications

  1. Positions available


Autonomous Managers are for those who want to grow a team of sub prescribers, we shall provide you with a portal, lead generation system, workflow, scripts, templates and access to Dr. Tom Yarema’s proprietary sublingual Ivermectin and other superior products and commercially available retail tablets available through local neighborhood pharmacies, all of which you can share to your team of sub prescribers.


  1. The responsibilities of Non Autonomous Prescribers include conducting 15 minute teleconsultations for prescriptions of FDA approved human quality prescription for a broad spectrum antiviral for Covid/ Influenza and many more respiratory and blood borne virus for their home medicine cabinet with appropriate instructions on how to use for acute symptom treatment, for prevention if there are encroaching causes around and for exposure. Instructions of how to schedule your urgent day 5,6,7 follow-up consultation if you are in quarantine from acute covid shall also be given during this time. Consultations will be based on the Google sheet or form Patient Intake that the patient will be filling out prior to the scheduled consultation.

  2. Non Autonomous Prescribers are required to call or text the patient 5-10 minutes before the scheduled meeting to ensure high quality, high reliability and timely consultations.

  3. You have the option of simply conducting 1st tier consultations and foregoing 2nd tier consultation. However, this represents a unique opportunity to build your individual practice of the future.

  4. 3rd tier consultations are for those who would like to build their "Medicine of the future now" practice of clinical immunology under the tutelage of Dr. Tom and his Prescribing tribe. This entails learning the initial 15 min, urgent 5,6,7 day scheduling and covid concern follow ups ( this includes post covid testing, anti-body+ t cell testing vs politics of immune passports vs vaccine passports - medical/ religious exemptions)

2. Minimum Requirement

Autonomous prescribers must be licensed prescribers i.e. MD managers, out of retirement MD , sympathetic to the cause (MDs, DOs, podiatrists, or dentists)

3. Proposal Submission Instructions

All those interested in submitting their proposals must answer the Best Fit Survey provided by the company, an appropriate link shall be provided for you to submit your letter of proposal.

4. RFP Questions and Proposal Amendments

All questions regarding the RFP must be placed in a separate email addressed to the company and should not be included in the proposal that will be submitted. Likewise, amendments to the proposal should be in a separate document and emailed directly to Dr. Tom Yarema for further evaluation.

  1. Terms of Compensation

Compensation per consult is set at $100, with virtually uncapped potential.

The full procedure for payment will be communicated to the successful candidate and is based on confirmation of consultation by authentication of medical records and/or verification of appropriate transfer of proper prescription(s) to pharmacies

Job Requirements
Autonomous prescribers must be licensed prescribers i.e. MD managers, out of retirement MD , sympathetic to the cause (MDs, DOs, podiatrists, or dentists)
Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine
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